Wine & Spirits


The celebration of Canadian wine, beer and spirits has become an integral part of the success of Gold Medal Plates. The wine, beer and spirits that are presented to the more than 5000 Gold Medal Plates guests gets more comprehensive and more fascinating each year. Gold Medal Plates is now the largest consumer program in Canada to feature and highlight excellent Canadian wines.

The generosity of the Canadian industry continues to be very impressive and in 2016 a record 98 winemakers, brewers, and distillers donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of their products…and most donated their premium labels! At the VIP, guests got to sample a wide range of wines, beers and spirits, including some crafted just for the event. During the culinary competition, the chefs pair their dish with their chosen wine, beer or spirit. And during the Celebration portion of the evening, guests were treated to some of Canada’s finest wines.

Below please find a list of our Gold, Silver and Bronze wine sponsors for our fall events in 2017.

Feature Sponsors 2017

Best in Show 2016

Best in Show

Below is a list of the eleven wineries which were awarded the Best of Show in each city in the fall of 2016 and earned a spot at the Canadian Culinary Championship competition in February 2017. Of these wineries, the best wine in Canada for 2017 announced in February was Sea Star 2015 Blanc de Noir Rose from Pender Island in British Columbia.

  • Sea Star Estate 2015 Blanc de Noir, Pender Island, BC – British Columbia
  • Bartier Bros. 2014 Gewürztraminer, Okanagan Valley, BC – Calgary
  • Culmina 2015 Unicus Gruner Veltliner, Oliver, BC – Edmonton
  • Dirty Laundry 2014 Kay-Syrah, Okanagan Valley, BC – Regina
  • See Ya Later Ranch 2015 Unleashed Pinot Noir, Okanagan Falls, BC – Saskatoon
  • Quails’ Gate 2015 Dry Riesling, Okanagan Valley, BC – Winnipeg
  • Cave Spring 2015 ‘The Adam Steps’ Riesling, VQA, Beamsville Bench, Jordan, ON – Toronto
  • Huff Estates 2015 Riesling Off Dry, Prince Edward County, ON – Ottawa
  • Vignoble De L’Orpailleur 2014 Cuvée, Natashquan, QC – Montreal
  • Arrowleaf 2015 Gewürztraminer, Okanagan Valley, BC – St. John’s
  • Ironworks Gin, Lunenburg, NS “A Crafted Cocktail of Wild N.S Apple Kombucha, Oak & Ironworks Gin” – Halifax

The 2016 Donors

  • 13th Street Winery, Ontario
  • 50th Parallel Wines, British Columbia
  • Alley Kat Brewery, Alberta
  • Ancient Hill Winery, British Columbia
  • Arrowleaf Cellars, British Columbia
  • Bartier Brothers, British Columbia
  • Beaumont, British Columbia
  • Benjamin Bridge, Nova Scotia
  • Black Sage, British Columbia
  • Blind Tiger, British Columbia
  • Blue Mountain, British Columbia
  • Burrowing Owl, British Columbia
  • Calliope (Burrowing Owl), British Columbia
  • Collingwood Distillers, Ontario
  • Cave Spring, Ontario
  • CedarCreek, British Columbia
  • Chateau des Charmes, Ontario
  • Crossmount Cider, Saskatchewan
  • Culmina, British Columbia
  • Devonian Coast, Nova Scotia
  • Dirty Laundry, British Columbia
  • Eau Vivre, British Columbia
  • Encore, British Columbia
  • Ex Nihilo, British Columbia
  • Fallen Timber Saskatoon Mead, Saskatchewan
  • For the Love of Grimace, Nova Scotia
  • Garrison Brewing, Nova Scotia
  • Gaspereau Vineyards, Nova Scotia
  • Gray Monk, British Columbia
  • Happy Knight, New Brunswick
  • Haywire, British Columbia
  • Hester Creek, British Columbia
  • Hidden Bench, Ontario
  • Hinterland Wine Co. Ontario
  • Huff Estate, Ontario
  • Indigenous World, British Columbia
  • Inniskillin Okanagan, British Columbia
  • Intrigue Wines, British Columbia
  • Ironworks Gin, Nova Scotia
  • Jackson-Triggs, Ontario
  • Jim Cuddy Wines (Tawse)
  • Kalala Wines, British Columbia
  • L’Acadie Vineyards, Nova Scotia
  • Last Mountain Distiller, Saskatchewan
  • Laughing Stock, British Columbia
  • Lightfoot & Wolfville, Nova Scotia
  • Liquidity, British Columbia
  • Little Staw, British Columbia
  • Malivoire, Ontario
  • Meridale Distillers, British Columbia


  • Meyer Family, British Columbia
  • Mission Hill Family Estate Winery, British Columbia
  • Moon Curser, British Columbia
  • Mount Boucherie, British Columbia
  • Nichol Vineyard, British Columbia
  • Nighthawk, British Columbia
  • Nk’Mip, British Columbia
  • Off the Grid, British Columbia
  • Orofino, British Columbia
  • O’Rourke Family, British Columbia
  • Pipe Dreams, British Columbia
  • Pearl Morissette, Ontario
  • Pillitteri Estates, Ontario
  • Quails’ Gate, British Columbia*
  • Ravine (Cider), Ontario
  • Rebellion Brewing, Saskatchewan
  • Red Rooster, British Columbia
  • Rollingdale, British Columbia
  • Rosehall Run, Ontario
  • Rosewood Estates, Ontario
  • Sam Roberts Band Brewery, Ontario
  • Sandhill, British Columbia
  • Sea Cider, British Columbia
  • Sea Star, British Columbia
  • Southbrook, Ontario


  • Stag’s Hollow, British Columbia
  • Stoneboat, British Columbia*
  • Stratus, Ontario
  • Sumac Ridge, British Columbia
  • Summerhill, British Columbia
  • Tantalus, British Columbia
  • Tawse, Ontario
  • The BC Press Cider, British Columbia
  • The Hatch, British Columbia
  • The View, British Columbia
  • Thirty Bench, Ontario
  • Tightrope, British Columbia
  • Tinhorn Creek, British Columbia
  • Toronto Distillers, Ontario
  • Trius, Ontario
  • Unsworth Vineyard, British Columbia (Mystery Wine Donor)
  • Vancouver Island Brewery, British Columbia
  • Vintage Ink, British Columbia
  • Volcanic Hills, British Columbia
  • Wayne Gretzky, Ontario
  • Wescott Vineyards, Ontario
  • Wild Life Distillery, Alberta
  • Wolf Willow Winery, Saskatchewan

Gold Medal Pints

Gold Medal Pints

Gold Medal Plates is thrilled to introduce Gold Medal Pints, an invitational beer competition highlighting the very best in Canadian lagers and ales. The inaugural edition of Gold Medal Pints will see local breweries hand-selected by international beer authority and GMP National Beer Advisor, Stephen Beaumont, working in consultation with a crack cross-Canada team of local beer experts. These breweries will be invited to pour a beer at their local Gold Medal Plates event and also enter that same beer into a nation-wide competition to determine the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal beers for Canada.

In total, five beers will be poured in the distinct Gold Medal Pints area of each city’s Gold Medal Plates event, with guests invited to sample one, two or all five of the ales, lagers and mixed fermentation beers, if they wish. Those 50 top Canadian beers will be entered into a single, nation-wide beer competition that will see a team of top independent experts, led by Stephen Beaumont, judge pilsners against stouts and IPAs against wheat beers in order to determine the five top beers that will be poured at the Canadian Culinary Championships in Kelowna on February 2 and 3. At the final gala, the names of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winning beers will be announced.

We are very excited about this flavourful addition to Gold Medal Plates and look forward to evolving it into a true, Canada-wide beer competition in the coming years.

The Gold Medal Pints Beer Report

It is my great pleasure to report that the inaugural year of Gold Medal Pints was a tremendous success. At ten Gold Medal Plates events all across Canada, patrons were introduced to some of the country’s best beers – not ‘best craft beers’ or ‘best small brewery beers,’ but best beers, period.

In total, 47 ales, lagers and mixed fermentation beers were poured at the GMP events – near-last-minute cancellations necessitating fewer than five breweries present at two of the events. (And thanks to District Brewing for stepping up to fill a gap in the Saskatoon line-up!) While some events fared better than others – the positioning of the Gold Medal Pints section will be improved for a few cities next year – the overall response received from GMP attendees was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.

For this first year of Gold Medal Pints, the selection of breweries was made by invitation, with advice coming from some of the most knowledgeable beer people from across this great nation. For this invaluable input, we would like to enthusiastically thank the members of the GMP Beer Advisory Panel: Mike Buhler, Jason Foster, Robin LeBlanc, Whitney Moran, Jordan St. John, Rob Swiderski, Don Tse and Joe Wiebe.

The competition portion of GMP was held October 25 at Bar Hop BrewCo in downtown Toronto. In total, 43 beers were judged, delivery problems and reluctance to ship certain package types limiting the entries. The jury consisted of myself, Ontario Craft Beer Guide co-authors Robin LeBlanc and Jordan St. John, and Bar Hop’s expert bar manager and beer wrangler, Matt Bod.

While the beers were judged irrespective of style, they were grouped into tasting flights by common flavour characteristics, so that no IPA immediately followed a stout and neither did a helles or hefeweizen arrive after a barley wine. Adequate time was allowed to pass between flights, so as to avoid palate fatigue, and those beers selected as being of exceptional character were retasted at the end of the session in order to determine the finalists.

The overall quality of all the beers sampled was, as expected, outstanding. Nonetheless, five stood out as being a shade above the rest. They were:

Great Western Original 16 (Saskatchewan)

Four Winds Nectarous (British Columbia)

Dageraad Blonde (British Columbia)

North Brewing Headline Milk Stout (Nova Scotia)

Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel (Québec)

These breweries will be invited to pour their beers in February at the Canadian Culinary Championships in Kelowna, British Columbia, where they will also be tasted by a panel of judges to determine the Gold, Silver and Bronze beers for Canada.

The Gold Medal Pints live judging and gala will take place in concurrence with the Mystery Wine competition on Friday, February 2, 2018.