Gold Medal Plates
The Road to the Canadian Culinary Championships


Gold Medal Plates is the ultimate celebration of Canadian Excellence in cuisine, wine, the arts and athletic achievement. Celebrated in eleven cities across Canada, Gold Medal Plates features the premier chefs in each city in a competition to crown a gold, silver and bronze medal culinary team in each city, and subsequently nation-wide at the Canadian Culinary Championships.

Founded by two passionate Canadians – Stephen Leckie and Karen Blair, one of the goals of Gold Medal Plates is to raise substantial funds for Canada’s high performance athletes, while celebrating Canadian excellence. Since 2004, Gold Medal Plates has received tremendous support and accolades all across Canada, and generated a combined net total of over $12 million for Canada’s Olympic athletes! Gold Medal Plates is supported by corporate partners and individuals from across Canada who are committed to Canadian Excellence and supporting Canadian athletes.

Celebrate Canadian excellence in food, wine, athletic achievement and entertainment.

Continue to develop the finest culinary competition in Canada and feature the best chefs and Canadian wines, beers and spirits in the country.

Build on the momentum of the Canadian patriotism experienced at recent Olympic Games and demonstrate to our Canadian Olympic athletes that Canadians are committed to their development, passionate about their journey, and proud to have them represent us on the world stage.

Raise funds for the Canadian Olympic Foundation to support Canadian Olympic athletes.

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2017 Dates

Montreal – Tuesday Oct 10 (Private Event)
Edmonton – Thursday Oct 12
Regina – Saturday Oct 14
Halifax – Thursday Oct 19
St. John’s – Friday Oct 20
Victoria – Thursday Oct 26
Saskatoon – Saturday Oct 28
Winnipeg – Wednesday Nov 1
Calgary – Thursday Nov 2
Ottawa – Thursday Nov 9
Toronto – Thursday Nov 16

The Five Pillars of Gold Medal Plates

James-Chatto-by-George-Whiteside-high-resTo be invited to compete is a notch in the belt. To win the gold is a major achievement! The gold medal winning chef then has the opportunity to go on to compete at the Gold Medal Plates Finale – The Canadian Culinary Championships – February 2nd and 3rd, 2018 in Kelowna, British Columbia.  Only one chef wins and to be crowned the top chef in Canada is a career changer!  And each year for the past three, the winning chef earns a lease to a BMW generously donated by BMW Canada.  This year’s winner – Chef Jinhee Lee is now driving a BMW 430i xDrive Gran Coupe!

David Lawrason - Wine Advisor

The celebration of Canadian wine, beer and spirits has become an integral part of the success of Gold Medal Plates. The wine, beer and spirits that are presented to the more than 5000 Gold Medal Plates guests gets more comprehensive and more fascinating each year.  Under the expert guidance of David Lawrason, Gold Medal Plates national wine advisor, Gold Medal Plates is now the largest program in Canada to feature and highlight excellent Canadian wines.

The generosity of the Canadian industry is impressive and each year a record number of winemakers, brewers, and distillers donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of their products…and most donate their premium labels! At the VIP, guests get to sample unique product. During the culinary competition, the chefs pair their dish with their chosen wine, beer or spirit. And during the entertainment portion of the evening, guests are treated to some incredible labels. Guests go away educated and impressed with the caliber of Canadian wine, beer and spirits.

Jim Cuddy, lead singer of Blue Rodeo is the Gold Medal Plates national entertainment advisor. He invites incredible Canadian talent to share the stage with him. Gold Medal Plates is known for its intimate and unique combinations of Canadian talent.

It’s a rare treat to hear Jim Cuddy and Ed Robertson banter and then sing together on stage or to hear the amazing voices of Barney Bentall and  Tom Mann and Geoffrey Kelly of the Spirit of the West together. Gold Medal Plates has included Jim Cuddy, Barney Bentall, Ed Robertson, Alan Doyle, Tom Cochrane, Anne Lindsay, Melissa McClelland, Luke Doucet, Dustin Bentall, Kendel Carson, John Mann, Geoffrey Kelly, Neil Osborne, Sam Roberts, Colin Cripps, Danny Michel and Johnny Reid.

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During the competition, guests get to meet the athletes and the athletes have the opportunity to meet and network with the key business influencers.  The athletes then host corporate VIP tables.  Most importantly though, they get to enjoy an incredible night of food and wine while experiencing 400-800 Canadians who emotionally and financially are keen to support their Olympic journey.

In each year, over 200 athletes attend Gold Medal Plates’ events.  Emcees have included Marnie McBean (Olympic Triple Gold and Bronze Medallist), Jennifer Heil (Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist), Jennifer Botterill (Four time Olympic Gold Medallist), Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue (Olympic Gold and Silver Medallists) and many more.  We would like to thank Marnie McBean for being Gold Medal Plates national athlete advisor since the inception of the project!

Gold Medal Plates incorporates some very unique national and international experiences that are auctioned off at every event. Guests have the opportunity to travel to a desirable international destination, interact with Canadian Olympic athletes and enjoy amazing Canadian entertainment.

Each year over 500 Canadians from across the country embark on travel experiences like they have never experienced before. Gold Medal Plates has gained a reputation of creating week-long adventures that combine great food, wine, entertainment and activity …whether it by cycling in Tuscany, wine tours in Portugal, visiting the filming locations of “The Hobbits” in New Zealand or  participating in a unique Gold Medal Plates adventure in Newfoundland.  These are once in a life time experiences with Canadian Olympic athletes and Canadian icons in the music industry.