Chef Awards


  • Chef: Guillaume Cantin
  • Restaurant: Les 400 Coups
  • Pairing: À Table! from Brasseur du Monde de Saint-Hyacinthe
  • Chef: Takeshi Horinoue
  • Restaurant: Lavanderia
  • Pairing: 2012 Felseck Vineyard Chardonnay from Hidden Bench in Niagara
  • Chef: Dany Bolduc
  • Restaurant: H4C
  • Pairing: Stratus 2014 Riesling from Niagara

James-Chatto-by-George-Whiteside-high-resCulinary Report by James Chatto

Things are done differently in Montreal. Instead of a Gold Medal Plates gala, we join together with our national sponsor, Deloitte, and our friends from Montreal Impact, gather 100 guests and set off to tour the city. We are divided into five groups; we visit five restaurants; we reassemble and the party goes on while the judges confer. In the end, the medals are announced and the new Montreal GMP champion is crowned. That’s how it went down last night – at five very different, very sophisticated restos. We were joined by Olympians Isabelle Charest and Jen-Luc Brassard and by Impact stars Hassoun Camara, Cameron Porter and Maxim Tissot, and everyone agreed the evening was a splendid success. Indeed, the only dissent was in the judges’ room after the dishes were tasted, when we discovered that our gallant and hard-working judiciary – Robert Beauchemin (Senior Judge for Montreal), and writers Gildas Meneu, Rollande Desbois and yours truly –differed quite markedly in our assessment of the chefs. Debate was necessary, and even when we had come to a result upon which we all agreed, only one quarter of a percentage point separated gold from silver. It was as close as any 100-metre dash in the Olympics.

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  • Chef: Antonio Park
  • Restaurant: Restaurant Park
  • Chef: Michele Forgione
  • Restaurant: Impasto
  • Chef: Simon Mathys
  • Restaurant: La Famille


  • Chef: Danny St Pierre
  • Restaurant: Auguste Restaurant
  • Chef: Antonio Park
  • Restaurant:  Park Restaurant Park
  • Chef: Nick Hodge
  • Restaurant: Hodge Icehouse


  • Chef: Daren Bergeron
  • Restaurant: Fou d’Ici
  • Paired with: Malivoire 2011 Gamay VQA Niagara Peninsula Ontario
  • Chef: Antonio Park
  • Restaurant: Park Restaurant
  • Paired with: Blue Mountain Pinot Gris 2011 Okanagan British Colombia
  • Chef: Marc Cohen
  • Restaurant: Lawrence
  • Paired with: Unibroue Trois Pistoles Québec.


  • Chef: Jean-Philippe St-Denis
  • Restaurant: Kitchen Galerie Poisson
  • Paired with: McAuslan Brewery St. Ambroise Cream Ale
  • Chef: Danny St Pierre
  • Restaurant: Auguste
  • Paired with: Siboire McEis Scotch Ale de Glace
  • Chef: Nick Hodge
  • Restaurant: Kitchenette
  • Paired with: Creemore Springs Brewery Premium Lager


  • Chef Martin Juneau
  • Restaurant: La Montee
  • Chef: Marc-Andre Royal
  • Restaurant: Le St-Urbain
  • Chef: Michel Ross
  • Restaurant: MAS Cuisine


  • Chef: Mathieu Cloutier
  • Restaurant: Kitchen Galerie
  • Chef: Daren Bergeron
  • Restaurant: Decca 77
  • Chef: Marc-André Royal
  • Restaurant: Le St-Urbain


  • Chef: Denise Cornellier
  • Restaurant: Cornellier Traiteur
  • Chef: Gilles Herzog
  • Restaurant: Derrière les Fagots
  • Chef: Deff Haupt
  • Restaurant: Renoir


  • Chef: Roland Ménard
  • Restaurant: Manoir Hovey
  • Chef: Mario Navarette Jr.
  • Restaurant: Raza
  • Chef: Jérôme Ferrer
  • Restaurant: Europea

Best Of Show


  • Closson Chase 2009 South Clos Chardonnay
  • Norman Hardie 2009 Cabernet Franc
  • Domaine Le Brome 2007 Vidal Reserve