Gold Medal Plates was established to financially support and celebrate Canada’s Olympic athletes. Their commitment to excellence is inspiring and across the country on an annual basis over 6000 guests come together at Gold Medal Plates events to recognize Olympians – past, present and future and to financially support those on their journey to the podium. The financial support is achieved with the net proceeds from the event given to the Canadian Olympic Foundation to support high performance programs such as Own the Podium.  To date over 12 million has been raised.

The Canadian Olympic Foundation is a national charitable organization that generates support to meet the technical, scientific, medical and coaching needs of Canada’s athletes across all Olympic sports. The Foundation’s vision is to inspire Canadians, athletes and other stakeholders to achieve the ultimate podium success at the Olympic Games for Canada and, as a result, create an elevated sense of pride and unity among all Canadians. The funds raised by the Foundation go to programs to help Canadian athletes live, train, and prepare for Olympic competition.

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Own the Podium

The Foundation’s highest fundraising priority in 2015 and 2016 is an unprecedented technical initiative called Own the Podium (OTP).  OTP is an independent advisory organization which provides technical expertise and advice to Canada’s national sports organizations, prioritizing funding of sports with a higher potential for podium results.  This funding has made it possible for sports to hire world-class coaches, technical support staff, and has given our nation’s best athletes access to world-class sport science and sport medicine personnel.

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