British Virgin Islands

Exotic Beaches, Outstanding Diving and Caribbean Celebration

South Africa

Guests enjoyed an amazing time in one of the most gorgeous places on the planet.


2016 Dates Announced!

Lepine Driving Home in Style

Two-time champion Marc Lepine clinches prestigious title of Canadian Culinary Champion.

Competition 2 - Black Box

Our competing chefs emerge from a pressure cooker and jockey for position going into the third competition. Anything goes tonight!

Alex Chen clinches People's Choice

Alex Chen wins the People's Choice award for the Wine Pairing Challenge. Seen here with Jim Hamilton, Harry McWatters and Deloitte's Duncan Sinclair.

Ready, Set...COOK!

The competing chefs just before competition time. Mystery wine in-hand and the competition has officially begun.

Big White Culinary Adventure

Guests are treated like royalty as Chef Ryan O'Flynn's 'Last Supper' features some incredible food/drink/entertainment.