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As a long time observer and promoter of quality Canadian wine through the Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards, I take particular pride in watching the growing acceptance of Canadian wine through Gold Medal Plates.  In fact Gold Medal Plates is now the largest truly national consumer showcase for Canadian wine. Each year about 4,000 Canadians enjoy selections from over sixty wineries – plus Canadian breweries and distilleries. All the wines, beers and spirits are generously donated by the producers, with that cost savings going directly to the benefit of Canada’s Olympians.

The core of the Gold Medal Plates wine program is donation of wine, beer or spirits to each competing chef. The quality of the food and wine pairing is one of the judging criteria, and for this reason the chef is given the freedom to select the accompanying wine. I am a resource if help is required. My other role is to co-ordinate wine for events like the VIP Reception and Celebration portions of the events in each city. At the Canadian Culinary Championships in Kelowna I have the added pleasure of sourcing a Mystery Wine for the first leg of the competition, wherein chefs are presented an unmarked wine for which they must create a recipe to be served to 300 people 24 hours later. Great fun!

Indeed, we are all having fun with this program. There is a compelling and positive spirit around Canadian wine at Gold Medal Plates; a spirit of excellence to which I am proud to contribute.

David Lawrason
National Wine Advisor

Donating Wineries

* number of donations/cities

  • Black Hills Winery Okanagan Valley*****
  • Blasted Church, Okanagan Valley*
  • Blue Mountain Vineyards. Okanagan Valley*
  • Burrowing Owl (Calliope) Okanagan Valley*
  • CedarCreek, Okanagan Valley*
  • Château des Charmes Niagara Peninsula*
  • Clos du Soleil, Similkameen Valley**
  • Closson Chase Vineyards Prince Edward County*
  • Colio Wines, Lake Erie North Shore*
  • Coyote’s Run, Niagara Peninsula*
  • Desert Hills Winery, Okanagan Valley*
  • Dirty Laundry Okanagan Valley**
  • Flatrock Cellars, Niagara Peninsula*
  • Flourish Wines, Niagara Peninsula
  • Foxtrot, Okanagan Valley**
  • Ganton &Larsen Prospect Winery Okanagan Valley*
  • Grange of Prince Edward Prince Edward County*
  • Gray Monk Okanagan Valley****
  • Haywire Winery Okanagan Valley**
  • Henry of Pelham Niagara Peninsula*
  • Hidden Bench Niagara Peninsula*
  • Hillside Wines, Okanagan Valley*
  • Huff Estate Prince Edward County*
  • Inniskillin Okanagan Okanagan Valley*
  • Karlo Estates, Prince Edward County*
  • JoieFarm Okanagan Valley***
  • Kettle Valley Okanagan Valley*
  • Lailey Vineyards, Niagara Peninsula*
  • L’Acadie Vineyards Nova Scotia*
  • Lake Breeze Winery Okanagan Valley*
  • Laughing Stock Vineyards Okanagan Valley**
  • Le Vieux Pin Winery Okanagan Valley*
  • Living Sky Winery, Saskatchewan***
  • Malivoire Wine Company Niagara Peninsula**
  • Mission Hill Family Estate Winery Okanagan Valley****
  • Nichol Vineyard Okanagan Valley*
  • Norman Hardie Winery Prince Edward County**(MysteryWine)
  • Orofino Vineyards Similkameen Valley**
  • Quail’s Gate Winery, Okanagan Valley****
  • Pelee Island Winery Pelee Island*
  • Peller Estates Okanagan Valley**
  • Pillitteri Wines, Niagara Peninsula*
  • Red Rooster Winery, Okanagan Valley**
  • Road 13 Winery Okanagan Valley**
  • Sandhill, Okanagan Valley***
  • See Ya Later Ranch Okanagan Valley****
  • Serendipity Wines, Okanagan Valley*
  • Sperling Vineyards, Okanagan Valley*
  • Sue-Ann Staff Winery, Niagara Peninsula*
  • Tantalus Vineyards Okanagan Valley****
  • Tawse Winery, Niagara Peninsula**
  • Tinhorn Creek,  Okanagan Valley*
  • Trius, Niagara Peninsula*****
  • Vignoble CARONE Wines
  • Wineries of Kelowna Wine Trials (host of CCC)

Donating Breweries

  • Ashton Brewing, Ottawa**
  • Charlevoix, Quebec*
  • Half Pint, Winnipeg*
  • Molson Breweries (national)
  • Kicheseppi Ale, Ottawa*
  • Paddock Wood Brewing, Saskatchewan*
  • Donating Distillers

    • Bushwakker, Saskatchewan
    • Iceberg Vodka, Newfoundland (national)
    • Lucky Bastard Distillers, Saskatchewan
    • Victoria Gin, British Columbia (national)
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