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Gold Medal Plates Culinary Championships – Canada’s Best Kitchen Party!

Join Us for Two Intense Days to Celebrate Canadian Excellence in Food, Wine, Beer, Sport and Entertainment!

February 2nd and 3rd, 2018

Kelowna, BC

Canada’s Best Kitchen Party!

The Canadian Culinary Championships is recognized as one of the most intense national competitions that a chef can be a part of. During the Gold Medal Plates project over 100 competing chefs are invited to create their ultimate dish and pair it with a premier Canadian wine, beer or spirit. A team of food and wine critics from each city work with national critics to determine the top three winning creations and then a gold, silver and bronze medal winning chef is crowned. To be invited to compete is a notch in the belt. To win the gold in your city is a major achievement! Now, the gold medal winning chef from each city is coming to Kelowna to compete at the Gold Medal Plates Finale – The Canadian Culinary Championships. To be crowned the top chef in Canada is a career changer!

Don’t miss out on what will be the most extraordinary two-day culinary competition you will ever witness in Canada!

Event Details

Mystery Wine Pairing – Competition I

Friday, February 2 at 6:00 pm

Delta Grand Okanagan Hotel
Dress: Smart Casual

Chefs are given a mystery bottle of wine and are challenged to create a dish with local ingredients that best complement the mysterious vintage, in a set amount of time and with a set budget. Guests will have the pleasure of sampling these creations on the opening night of the competition, in a stand up cocktail reception format. During the event, guests will taste the mystery wine and play ‘judge’ as they vote on the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for the best food and wine pairing. In addition, five ‘Gold Medal Pints’ finalists (selected from 50 craft beers from across Canada) will be featured and the bronze, silver and gold medal winning beers will be announced! And a silent auction of rare wines and other experiences will also be featured. Food and wine included.

The Black Box – Competition II

Saturday, February 3 from 8:00 am – 1:30 pm

Okanagan College Culinary Arts Department
Dress: Casual

NOTE: this event is ONLY open to guests who purchase the Gold Sponsor, Hat Trick Olympian or 3-Event packages. Food prepared by the competing chefs are only plated for judges.

One of the most exciting parts to the competition! Chefs will be given a black box containing a small array of diverse foods and must produce and plate a spectacular dish for the national judges. All in one very short hour! Guests won’t get much closer to watching an Iron Chef type competition than this – you are in the kitchen where all the action is!

There is a mini market at the college that features local products and the Okanagan Culinary Department creates a fantastic spread of food during the competition for you to enjoy!

The Grand Finale – Competition III

Saturday, February 3 at 6:00 pm

Delta Grand Okanagan Hotel
Dress: Cocktail

On the final night of competition, anything goes. Chefs create their best dish for guests to sample, paired with a Canadian wine, beer or spirit from their regional beverage partner. By evening’s end, Canada’s Champion Chef of 2018 will be crowned and a victory celebration featuring the iconic Canada rock band, 54-40, led by chief songwriter Neil Osborne will close the night off with an intimate, rockin’ performance! Food and wine included.

Event Schedule

VIP Reception – for Deloitte, Gold Sponsors, Hat Trick Olympian Sponsors and Olympians in attendance

5:45 PM – Cocktail reception featuring 2017 Canadian Culinary Champion, Jinhee Lee of Foreign Concept in Calgary. Note: for VIP guests the chef’s stations open 30 minutes early at 6:00 pm!

The Competition – General admittance for corporate table and individual ticket buyers

6:30 PM – Stand up format where guests will sample the amazing dishes prepared by the competing chefs paired with their Canadian wine, beer or spirit.

The Celebration – All Guests

8:00 PM – Seated format featuring entertainment by Canadian rock band, 54-40, Olympian interviews, a live auction with regional items and the famous Gold Medal Plates Adventure trips. The grand finale of the evening includes the medal ceremony for Gold, Silver and Bronze winners and the trophy being given to the gold medalist – who will be crowned the Canadian Olympic Champion for 2018 followed by a performance by one of Canada’s greatest rock bands, 54-40!

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Mystery Wine
Mystery Wine
The Black Box
The Black Box
The Grand Finale
The Grand Finale

Ticket Packages & Prices


Make it a Hat Trick!


  • Receive 10 tickets to the Mystery Wine Pairing Competition on Friday evening

and access to VIP reception.

  • Receive 4 tickets to the Black Box Competition on Saturday morning.
  • Receive 1 table of 10 with premium table placement to the Grand Finale on Saturday evening with VIP access and with an OLYMPIAN seated at your table – Access to the VIP Reception for all ten of your guests. Jinhee Lee, 2017 Canadian Culinary Champion and executive chef at Foreign Concept in Calgary, will prepare spectacular hors d’oeuvres for your esteemed guests at the memorable VIP Reception attended by Olympians, competing chefs, and celebrities. – 30 minutes early access to the chefs stations from general admission guests Saturday Grand Finale Only Packages:


  • Receive 1 table of ten with premium table placement to the Grand Finale on Saturday evening with VIP access and with an OLYMPIAN seated at your table


  • Receive 1 table of ten to the Grand Finale on Saturday evening

(no VIP, no Olympian)


Individual tickets

All 3 Canadian Culinary Championships Competitions

(no VIP access) – $490

Mystery Wine Pairing Competition on Friday night

(no VIP access) – $145

The Grand Finale Competition on Saturday night

(no VIP access) – $285






  • Roary Macpherson, St. John’s
  • Bill Spurr, Halifax
  • Robert Beauchemin, Montreal
  • Anne DesBrisay, Ottawa
  • Sasha Chapman, Toronto
  • Barbara O’Hara, Winnipeg
  • C J Katz, Regina
  • Noelle Chorney, Saskatoon
  • John Gilchrist, Calgary
  • Mary Bailey, Edmonton
  • Perry Bentley, Kelowna
  • Sid Cross, British Columbia
  • Andrew Morrison, British Columbia
  • James Chatto (National Culinary Advisor)

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The Canadian Culinary Championships – February 2nd and 3rd, 2018

Kelowna, BC


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