Event Info

An Evening to Celebrate Canadian Excellence in Food, Wine, Beer, Sport and Entertainment!

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

The Montréal event is a private event this year.


Thank you to the Gold Medal Plates sponsors and supporters who provide vital support to the project!



  • Jason Morris – Le Fantôme
  • Étienne Huot – La Récolte (Espace local)
  • Fred St-Aubin – Moleskine
  • Éric Gonzalez – L’Atelier Joel Robuchon
  • Adrian Renaud – Labo Culinaire


  • Robert Beauchemin (Senior Judge)
  • Gildas Meneu
  • Lilly Nguyen
  • Chef Sophie Tabet, last year’s gold medalist
  • James Chatto (National Culinary Advisor)


Karen Blair
802 Logan Avenue, Toronto, ON – M4K 3E1
P: 647-267-6530
E: montreal@goldmedalplates.com

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